Writing Prompt: They stood together, hand in hand, and watched the world burn.

I going to try and post a writing a prompt every few days. It would help me think up new ideas. The focus is clearly not grammar or sentence structure. This prompt came from ‘Give a Prompt, Take a Prompt’

They stood together, hand in hand, and watched the world burn. He knew he had to get her out of here, but his legs would not obey him. A few meters away the fire was eating up everything he has ever known. Once the fire burned down there would be nothing left. He started tugging at her had trying to do something. She did not respond. The fire started spreading their way, eating up everything in front of it. He tried to shout out sams name, but he started coughing from the smoke. Sam looked at him with shocked eyes and spun around. They started running in the opposite direction from the fire. They run through the forest where the low branches scratched up their faces. Every time they fell they would get up and keep running. The fire was long behind them by now but they never stopped running. Each one did not want to let the others hand go. They held tight onto each other. The last shred from their lives. All Mark could here was his heart beats, loud in his head. Sam felt numb she couldn’t think straight. Her thinking was foggy and she couldn’t make sense of the events. They finally stopped when they reached the pond. It failed to provide the comfort they expected. It was the only familiar place to them..outside their hometown. They tried not to think about it. They immediately jumped into the pond. Mark hit the bottom of the pond and stayed there as long as he could. Under the water he did not have to face reality. He did not have to look at sam. He did not have to think about their hometown, life, friends..family.  He tried to block them out, but the questions kept coming. Sam swam to the other side of the pond. She closed her eyes and floated on her back. It was quite. All she could here was the wind blowing calmly. She could did not see Mark but new he was under the water close by. She thought of the first they discovered this place. They were terribly lost young kids who did not know where to go. She remembered stumbling on the pond and completely forgetting about being lost.  Every since it has become their place. They always came here together to escape..the town. She dunked herself under the water she could not think about it. Not now, she wasn’t ready. As she drifted up to the surface of the pond she heard a sound behind her. She slowly spun around expecting to see that Mark finally reappeared from under the water, but it wasn’t Mark.


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