Low GI (Glycemic Index) Diet

I am pretty bad with specific diets, but i need to change that way i eat. I was considering a low carbohydrates diet, but after some research i think a low glycemic index diet would be much more appropriate for me. I realize that carbs are part of a healthy diet, but i have a pretty unhealthy relationship with them. I can happily live my life on carbs alone! Unfortunately that is unhealthy and unsustainable.  I am currently working my way through a lot of reading and research about low GI diets.

The glycemic index provides a list of foods and rates them based on how fast they make your blood sugar rise. Since insulin resistance might be an issue for me, it makes sense to try and prevent sharp blood sugar spikes. I posted a list of low GI foods i hope to incorporate in my diet.

Resources that i am currently exploring:




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