Work Out Routines

The less work I have to do before I work out the more likely I am to actually go through with the work out. I love seeing those work out routine images all over the Internet because the provide an instant motivation to work out and make it easy with a pre-maid work out plan. I am posting a compilation of the work-out routines I have used. Some  are specific to body part such as legs, others are more cardio or strength training, but they provide a wide variety of work-out routines.

The Drop 10 Workout

Work out routine, crunches, jumping jacks, squats, push ups

The Sexy Leg Workout

Sexy leg workout routine, squats, calf raises

Lean Legs Pyramid

Work out routine

Level One Exercise Plan

Work out routine

Level Two Exercise Plan Work out routine

Level Three Exercise Plan

Work out routine

One Song Workout

Sleigh Bells “Infinity Guitars”
Jumping jacks,  squats, russian twist, crunches, side lunges, superman, jumping jacks, and burpees
one song workout routine

One Song Workout

Jay Z “On To The Next One”
High knees, vertical leg crunch, incline push ups, jumping jacks, jack knife ups, burpees, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, and russian twists

one song workout Jayz

One Song Workout

Icona POP “I Love It”
Jumping jacks, butt kickers, tricep dips, jump squats, russian twist, jack knife sit ups, lunges and jumping jacks

one song workout i love it

One Song Workout

Macklemore “Can’t Hold Us”
Jumping jacks, russian twist, squats, crunches, jump squat, superman,  jumping jacks, and burpees
One Song Workout

2 thoughts on “Work Out Routines

  1. You should make more “one song workout.” Make it a thing. Or if you don’t own it, ask the source for more! 🙂 it truly is enjoyable.

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