Strength Training Exercises Weekly plan

I have been focusing mainly on cardio for the last few weeks. I need to add strength training to my regular work out routine. Strength training helps maintain and boost muscle mass. It is great for weight loss and can give you the very lean shape we’re all after ;). It also helps build stronger bones which especially important to do from a young age where it has a bigger impact on the long run.

I’m going to post exercises soon for each groups, to make easier to navigate during busier weeks when i have less time to plan.

Legs, arms, abs, butt

Weekly strength training plan (Click for full size)

What you will need:

Your body weight!


Exercise mat 

Resistance band 

How-to and exercise plans for each day:

Chest, shoulders, and triceps

Back and Biceps

Legs and Abs 

4 thoughts on “Strength Training Exercises Weekly plan

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  4. There may be difficulties during the start after 2 to 3 day you get prone to it strength training exercise benefits you if a lot of others ways as well it helps you active, blood circulation throughout the body, maintains a good look adds to your personality

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