Chest, Shoulders and Triceps Workout Routines

Day 1 of my weekly strength training exercise routine is ‘Chest, Shoulder, and Triceps’ day. Here are some exercise strength training exercises that I will be rotating on those days. I will probably modify some such as the basic push up till i can build up to them.

Basic Push Up

Push ups

Triceps workout routine (Triceps Dips, One Arm Dumbbell Extension, Dumbbell Kickback, Overhead Triceps Dumbbell Extension)

Triceps workout routine

Chaturanga Triceps Exercise Chaturanga Triceps Exercise

Shoulder Exercises Shoulder exercises routine

Incline PushUp Decline Push ups

Decline Push Up decline-bodyweight-pushups

Dumbbell Fly Chest Dumbbell Fly Chest exercises

Dumbbell Chest Press Dumbbell press Chest Exercise

Diamond Push Up

Diamond Push Ups

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