Workout Programs

HIITilates_New-Year-Slimdown-Workout Thought i would talk about some of the workout programs i have tried over the last 1-2 years. Those programs are not strictly workout related as most have nutrion component, but i have not used any of them. I prefer doing my own thing nutrition wise. I personally like workout programs a lot because they provide a plan, the workouts, and someone to shout at me for the duration of the workout. I do not only follow one program as i like to mic and match and see what suits my day. Other ones i did not talk about are the BodyRockTV and the 30 day shred.

1. Blogilaties

Not a program in the traditional sense, but a great resource for those that do not want to invest in workout program. Cassey Ho provides 146 videos on her youtube channel that range from 5 minute short workouts to 30 minute full workouts. Her blog offers a lot of nutrition and fitness articles. If you sign up for the newsletter you will gain access to a monthly workout calendar.

2. Body Revolution

Jillian Micheals Body Revolution

A Jillian Michaels program. It is composed of 2 parts cardio and strength training. There is one cardio workout for each phase. the strength training part has 4 workouts for each phase. It also comes with a nutrition plan and a 7 day metabolism kick-starter plan.

3. Insanity


A 60 day program designed to improve fitness. It also comes with a nutrition plan. It uses max. interval training. It comes with 14 DVDs including the fit test that used through out to measure progress. The DVDs include: plyometric cardio, cardio power, cardio recovery, pure cardio, cardio abs, core cardio balance, max interval circuit, max interval plyo, max cardio conditioning, max recovery, insane abs, max interval training, upper body weight training.

4. P90X

P90X A 90 day program (as the name suggests 😛 ) that includes cross training and a nutrition plan. It is designed for fit people looking for a challenge ( Read: not for the faint of heart). They use the idea of “muscle confusion” so muscles will not adapt to one type of exercise. It comes with 12 DVDs : Chest back, polymetrics, shoulders arms, yoga, legs and back, kenpo, core synergistics, chest shoulder, back biceps, and ab ripper.


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