Fitness Challenges 2

I decided to compile some more fitness challenges. I have enjoyed utilizing the fitness challenges I uploaded earlier this month (more fitness challenges). Somehow adding the word challenge changes my perspective on things and adds a whole nother layer of motivation which i have enjoyed.

30 Day Arm Challenge:

Push ups, planks, and chair dips

30 day arm-challenge

Honeymoon Fat Shred 30 day Fitness Challenge:

Half burpee

30 day Burpee challenge

Fabulous and Fit 30 Day Ab and Squat Challenge:

Sit ups, crunches, squats

30 day ab and squat challenge

30 Day Ab Challenge Crunch It:


30 day ab crunch challenge

30 Day Full Body Challenge:

Crunches, push ups, tricep press, squats, bicycle crunches, shoulder press, calf raises, 50 second wall squat, inner thigh press.

january fitness challenge

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